Real Estate Works Web: Management of Real Estate

Real Estate Works Web is the ultimate partner of every real estate agency, an innovative web application with automated correlation of supply and demand for real estate companies of any size. It is based on the international Software as Service model and BlueByte's many years of experience.

Advantages of using software as a service:

  • Low initial investment costs.
  • Zero cost to "buy" and install software.
  • Zero cost for maintenance and software upgrades.
  • Shorter time for software to go live.
  • Automatic installation and updating of software.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Ability to use the software from any location, at any time, on any operating system. Ability to exploit new technologies directly and without additional costs.
  • No need to carry out the necessary technical management work.

Real Estate Works Web Capabilities:

Organization - Office Management:

  • Ability to create unlimited users and configure the permissions of the groups they belong to.
  • User productivity statistics and easy transfer of properties, requests, clients to another user.
  • Client list with search filters and detailed client tab.

Property offer:

  • List of properties with multiple filters (basic and advanced) for easy search.
  • Detailed property details.
  • Property photos and videos.
  • List of associated requests in the property tab.
  • Ability to link to property's client tab.
  • Easy copying of property.
  • Print assignment order and property lease agreement.
  • Construction of advertisements and sending them to printed media.
  • Online connection with real estate portals for sending properties.
  • Finding property address in Google Maps.

Property demand:

  • List of property requests with multiple filters (basic and advanced) for easy search.
  • Tab with detailed property demand data.
  • List of associated properties within the demand tab and easy management of them.
  • Ability to link client tab with demand.
  • Easy copying for quick demand entry.
  • Printing of sub-lease order and property lease agreement.


  • Graphical appointment management plan with display by day, week or month, easy transition to any date and ability to graphically change appointment times.
  • Ability to link appointments to demand or property. Linking appointments to an app user and easy transfer of appointments to another user.
  • Search appointment address in Google Maps.

Additional Applications:

Real Estate Works Website:

  • It is the ultimate tool for the real estate agency and the point of contact for those looking for properties with those offering properties. Its aim is to facilitate the process of finding any type of property, offering the easiest and most user-friendly way to search.

Real Estate Works Mobile:

  • It is a smartphone application that allows you to have the data of the main application without the need of having an internet connection. At any time you can view your appointments, your properties, contact clients and if there is internet access find the location of properties on the map and sync your mobile data with Real Estate Works Web.

Contact Information

65, Giannis Kranidiotis Avenue, Latsia, 2220, Nicosia , Cyprus

357 22 464530


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